The Women’s Healthcare Group


Deliveries are performed at York Hospital. We work closely with Maternal Fetal Medicine at York Hospital regarding certain high risk pregnancies. Our obstetrical providers meet weekly to discuss all high risk pregnancies.

A special feature of The Women’s Healthcare Group is our Obstetrical Nurse Specialists who are available to provide:

•  Individualized prenatal classes
•  Fetal heart monitoring in complicated pregnancies
•  Follow-up care after your delivery
•  Instruction on breastfeeding
•  Counseling at any time between visits to answer your questions, address your concerns and offer reassurance

The Women’s Healthcare Group fosters an open-minded approach to your healthcare, allowing patients much input into all health care decisions, including management of labor whenever possible. If you are interested, we encourage you to design your own birthplan. Please provide us with a copy of your birthplan so that we can review it with you and include it in your obstetrical records so it will be available at the time of your delivery.

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